Thursday, August 5, 2010

I watched the movie Blood Diamond today. It was terrible. It wasn't terrible because it was a bad movie. It was terrible because it was true. Thousands of children are forced to be child soldiers. They are kidnapped from their families, terrorized, beaten, pumped full of drugs, and brainwashed. Watching the moment a little boy first felt the effects of hard drugs made me sick.

I love diamonds. I always stop and look at the jewelry in the display cases in the mall. I even own some diamonds. I've dreamed of my engagement ring for years. Now I do not want to wear diamonds unless they are conflict free. There's a quote from the movie I love. "The people back home wouldn't buy a ring if they knew it cost someone else their hand". Now that I know the truth behind the dirty diamond trade I will never wear another piece of diamond jewelry unless I know the stones are not conflict diamonds. I found a site called Brilliant Earth Check it out and see the movie.

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