Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's like I am drawn to them.

I can't get away from it.

The woman whose stories I am drawn to on Everything has a son who is in the military.
A man in came into my Chemistry class and I knew he was military. He is.
A woman in the same class was active air force. Her husband is still in.
Another has a boyfriend in the military.
It seems that everyone I meet has either been in the military, is in it, or has someone close to them in it.
I'll never escape it.

Religious superiority

Sucks. It just sucks.

Friday, September 21, 2007


There were abortion protestors in town today. They were waving those disgusting pictures of bloody baby parts. Next to the public library and swimming pool! Now they can protest all they want but they went too far with those pictures. They were disgusting and horrible. What if kids see them? Those are so inappropriate for children to see. If I had kids I would be incredibly pissed off. They have the right to free speech but kids have the right to not be shown graphic images. Its like showing a small child a rated R movie. There are laws against that!

Stupid crazy ass people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was going crazy one day. I lost my sweatshirt. It got colder around here and I wanted my cozy, broken in, i wear it all the time sweatshirt. I ransacked my room and was seriously about to freak out. I should probably tell you guys how I acquired it. I got it from an ex....The Ex. I found it today and did a really wierd thing. I held it up to my face and smelled it. Know what I smells like me.

Isn't it wierd how you react to things? It hasn't been worn by him for almost a year. I don't know what I expected it to smell like. Its over. Everything we had is over. I can move on. I probably should give it away but its too comfortable :-P Just another reminder that my life goes on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My sister is a volleyball star!!!

Ok not really....I just think she is. At her game tonight the coach put her in whenever they were down and needed some key serves. She delivered and then some. She got all her digs and passes. I was so proud :D

I love going to her games. I yell and scream. I never liked sports when I was in high school. I think I enjoy it so much because my little sister is playing :D

Ack! School starts in less than a week! I still have to get my books. Hell.
I'm taking chemistry, 2 labs, and a life span development psych. class. I'm excited to get back at school. I hope this time I can be successful. Cross your fingers for me.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

4 days off in a row makes you crazy!

I'm torn. I want to go back to work so I have something to do but the laziness of the last 3 days has also made me not want to move. I've been eating fast food, watching tv, wasting time on the computer and reading for the previous 3 days. I'm now officially a lump. I can't wait until school starts so I have something to do all the time. Between working, class and homework I will be busy enough not to have time to sit around. Then I'll wish I had time.

I could be doing 1) cleaning my room 2) going to the store 3) cleaning the kitchen 4) calling people.

Thats another thing. I haven't been in the mood to call people in a very long time. I get bored with talking on the phone after awhile and just don't do it. Its almost as if talking is too much of a hassle for me. I'm so anti social. I feel bad because alot of my friends probably think I don't care about them anymore. So not the fact. I just feel like being distant. I talk to people online on yahoo and message boards alot. I should write people e-mails....but I don't. I hope they know I still care.

Alright I'm getting off my butt and going to the store. I'll come back and write some more when I get really bored.

Signing off :)