Monday, May 10, 2010

It's the small things

It's things I love Monday! I had such a great weekend. The happiness has carried over to make my Monday extra fantastic. I love that every Monday I want to include my friends on the list. Let's just assume my friends are the unsaid 6th thing :)

This Monday I love....

1. Vicodin. Oh how I love thee. I stretched/pinched a nerve in my back on Thursday. The lovely doctor at Urgent Care prescribed me an anti- inflammatory and this wonderful pill. Though it did give me a false sense of health and I'm pretty sure I overdid it this weekend.

2. How things are coming to me without being asked. I keep having questions and they keeping being answered in the most unexpected ways.

3. The first of the month because all the magazines come out! I love days when I get all my magazine subscriptions in the mail. It hasn't happened yet, hmpf. Hey magazine companies! I'm stuck lying in bed so send me my magazines!

4. Tori and Dean. While I was laying in bed today I discovered this show. It was a marathon today. I am so addicted to this show now. I refused to watch it for years. Lets blame it on the drugs.

5. Happy songs. Such as this one. Love.


Kirsty said...

Have you ever watched House? I must admit, it makes me want to know what's so good about Vicodin! :P

Michelle Elisabeth said...

oh, when grocery shopping today I'll keep an eye out for new magazines!

Anna said...

Kirsty- I have watched House and I already promised my friend not to end up like him. I think I love Vicodin so much right now because it took away my pain.

Michelle Elisabeth- They should be out already! It makes me mad when they are not out when I think they should be :)

Gracie said...

I love it when I my magazines come in the mail too. It makes me squeal with joy.
Hmm...I hope your back get better though!

Dancing Branflake said...

Ouch! I hope your back gets better ASAP! And I feel ya on the magazines. You absolutely need them when in bed and can't do anything else. I hope they come soon!