Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I learned the hard way #38: don't live with a coworker

I'm a fairly private person. I like to keep my personal life separate from work. I started becoming friends with a coworker who also shared my view. So we decided to become roommates. I told her when we first moved in, "Please don't get a boyfriend and have him over all the time." What do you know, two weeks after we moved in together she got a boyfriend who just so happens to be someone we work with. One week after they started dating they started sleeping together and he hasn't left. I have told her twice that I do not want him to be around so much. She made excuses each time and never really did anything about it. I HATE having him at my house all the time. I am never comfortable. I did not sign up to live with a couple. Plus he's a giant loser. I mean, the guy stopped going to school in the 7th grade. Yeah. I know.

Now my roommate is dating someone from work, they only ever hang out with people from work, and they only ever talk about work. I hate it. I can never get away from work! I can't come home and relax because he's there All the time.

Guess where they went on vacation. Vegas. A coworker told me that the boyfriend mentioned how they've thought about getting married in Vegas. $100 bucks says they come back married. I'm not moving out for another 2 months. It's quite possible my head will explode before then.

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Wild and Precious said...

coworkers relationships can be so sticky -- my boss is super cool. I would totally hang out with her more is she weren't my boss, but we still do the occasional "not work" outing together.

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