Monday, April 5, 2010

Evidence of my advanced age

In my literature class we read a story that told of an ideal marriage. The couple loved each other, had children, were satisfied with their life, and had hobbies and interests they enjoyed until they died. Everyone in my literature class said how boring their life was. I disagree (I am in a 100 level class so most everyone else is 18 or 19 years old. I am 24). I remember being their age and thinking that stability was boring. I remember wanting a passionate, daring, adventurous love. I wanted the bad boy, the one who would keep me guessing. Then, I had a couple of them. I had relationships that were dramatic with screaming matches and drama. We broke up, got back together, broke up and got back together endlessly. I fell head over heels with someone who left me so suddenly it made my head spin. One day we were in love, the next he wouldn't return my phone calls. I had drama.

Now that I am older I want stability. I don't want boring but there is a difference between boring and stable. Having stability in a relationship means knowing you are safe. It means never having to doubt your partner. It means knowing that you are loved and feeling secure that your love will not be rejected. I don't think that is boring. I want a life like the one in the story.

*image found on Slice of Pink. I don't know how to hyper link yet. Apologies.


chelsea rebecca said...

thats interesting to look back and see the difference! i guess i kinda want to crazy adventurous love and the stability! if thats even possible! haha.
that photo is too cute!!

Cole said...

cute photo. :)


Anna said...

yay another Anna! I passed on the exciting, unpredictable boy and picked the nice one. Being comfortable with someone else is definitely not boring! Life will always throw adventures your way, and you want to be with someone who will always be by your side through it all. I wish for all my girlfriends to be as lucky, but sometimes we are just drawn to the guys who will hurt us. gah!

The Guy's Perspective said...

Nice, honest, responsible doesn't mean boring.

We all go through our "Bad Boy" stage. Well in my case, my "Bad Girl" stage.

Nicely written.

Hillary said...

Yeah, it's funny to realize how much we change. Still, I think love can be passionate and daring without being rocky and unstable. :)

Juliana said...

A simple love and life are the best kinds.

Jamie Lovely said...

Someone shared this photo on tumblr the other day I think too. It's so cute!