Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The perfect man

Anybody seen Practical Magic? Theres a scene where a little girl casts a love spell. She wishes for all kinds of crazy characteristics that make up her perfect man. Such as one blue eye and one green eye, favorite color is a star. She says that will protect her from ever falling in love because he doesn't exist. Here's my wish list.

My perfect man......
* Has a great sense of humor. I like it when a guy can make me laugh but also gets my jokes and thinks I'm funny. I love to make people laugh and if I can't make him laugh that means that he doesn't get my sense of humor. I hate having to explain my joke. Its awkward and suddenly not at all funny. Ya'll know what I'm talking about.
* Is good with children and wants a large family.
* Doesn't have a lot of girls who are super close friends. I get jealous easily so this will bypass that.
* Loves to travel and wants to go everywhere. This one is huge. If you don't want to travel than I can't be with you.
* After the inital puppy love wears off still prefers my company over everyone elses.
* Makes plans and follows through.
* Doesn't do drugs. He can occasionally get drunk but I don't want a guy who gets drunk all the time.
* Likes cleaning but isn't obsessive about it.
* Good with his hands. I'm talking about making things....perverts
* Secure in his career

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