Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big sigh

*I want to get out of this situation with as much grace as possible.

*I know that I am not in the wrong and that she has a guilty conscious.

*I know that I am better off at my moms house temporarily than in this house with a strange guy who I don't feel safe around.

*I will try my best to not talk about this situation with the people I work with.

*I need to get a different job.

*I will never speak to her or him again. She is not repentant for her actions. She doesn't see and will not admit that she is in the wrong at all. I don't need her in my life.

*I am so thankful I have amazing family and friends who will help me.

My roommate started moving in her boyfriend today. She never told me. I'm moving out by this week hopefully.


Anonymous said...

ah! that's awful i'm so sorry. she should have warned you :/

Melodie Peachey said...

I can totally comment on your stuff.. and you've commented on mine before.. hmmf. stupid blogger.

Annah said...

Oh Gawd... roommates suck. Good luck and get out of there as soon as you can!