Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's sunny which = happiness

*I have one more final left until this term is officially over. I'm expecting good results ;)
*One more week until I get a computer! I will finally be able to update this thing somewhere other than the school computer lab. Which means I will start updating again.
*I am dreaming about traveling to Italy. This lovely girls blog started it!
*I'm wanting a camera. I haven't owned one in 3 years.
*I am so excited for this week to hurry up and end because that means......

A road trip to see far away friends.
Cats! (the musical) + dinner at a fabulous restaurant in Portland with the mom and sister
A gluten free baking party with 2 of my friends I've known since I was 5.
A weekend of birthday fun with my best girlfriends.
A get together with my pregnant pal and her two adorable kiddos.
Finally meeting the little man who has been hiding in my friends uterus (I don't care what everyone says, a baby is in the UTERUS not the belly) for the past 9 months.

*Something is happening. I can feel it.


Gracie said...

Sounds like some good plans there. Meeting friends, baking, seeing babies :)

Thanks for entering my giveaway! And for your suggestions. I always make sure I have a notebook handy to keep track.

Kristin said...

sunny really does bring about happy. sounds like you have a wonderful agenda ahead!

Meg said...

yes... go to italy!!! i went this summer and all i can think about is going back :)

Hillary said...

How exciting!!!