Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bonding time

What do you do when your days off are at the beginning of the work week for normal people? Go to see Spring Awakening with your father of course! Ugh. Most embarassing father daughter moment ever. Of course once they started having sex at the end of Act 1 I figured the worst was over. It was the (i apologize in advance) CLIMAX of the show. As the curtain came back up (there wasn't a curtain but its more dramatic than saying "when the actors took their places on stage") I breathed a sigh of relief that the worst part was over. Singing began and...wait...omg..noooo don't recap the sex! Oh ok yeah we saw that, yeah saw that too. Oh jeez, must you pull down your pants again? theres thrusting? This is worse than the time when I was 9 and some family friends of ours couldn't work the remote and accidentally put on a "late night" channel.


The musical was good. I would recommend seeing it....but without kids or parents.

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